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Oak Security

We help crypto projects secure their smart contracts and protocols

Oak Security is a Cyber Security Consulting Firm that offers security auditing services for a number of blockchains, with a special focus on third-generation blockchains and protocols, such as the Cosmos SDK/CosmWasmPolkadot/Substrate and Flow/Cadence ecosystems.

Become one of 100+ projects that we audited with a combined market cap of over 15 billion USD.

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We are hiring!

We have several open positions for qualified blockchain and smart contract security engineers to form part of our auditor pool (full-time and part-time).

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Smart Contract Audits

Decentralized Application Security

Decentralized applications are prominent high-value targets for cybersecurity attacks with particular threat models and attack surfaces. Oak Security exists to solve the problem faced by decentralized application developers to secure their creations throughout the software lifecycle, from early planning to daily operations.

Cosmos SDK/CosmWasm

Oak Security is the number one provider of Cosmos SDK/CosmWasm audits.

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Ethereum is the biggest platform for decentralized finance. Oak Security team members have been involved in Ethereum smart contract auditing since 2017 and have collected vast experience in anything from DeFi protocols to complex L2 solutions.


Emerging Platforms

We are constantly investing in new talent and research on emerging platforms yet to be covered by a comprehensive security ecosystem. If you are working on more recent additions to the smart contract work, such as Cardano or Solana, we are able to help you secure your applications. ​

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Protocol Reviews

Blockchain security begins at the protocol level. With modular platforms allowing the development of application-specific blockchains and the emergence of blockchain interoperability, security reviews must be extended to these layers.

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Cosmos SDK

Oak Security is a key security actor in the Cosmos ecosystem, with highly experienced staff in Cosmos SDK development and security reviews. 


Polkadot has produced Substrate, one of the cleanest and most modular blockchain building toolkits on the market. We have an experienced team of Substrate security engineers at your disposal.

Interoperability Bridges

Blockchains used to be silos but have recently started to communicate with each other. The Oak security team has been involved with blockchain bridges since the early days, in research, development, and, most importantly, security.

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Founder Team

Oak Security is the result of two domain experts in Computer Science and Economics getting together after years of collaborating to build a unique team to secure the new decentralized finance systems.  


Philip Stanislaus

Managing Partner

  • MPhil Economics, Cambridge (UK)

  • Software Engineer since 2007

  • In Blockchain space since 2018

  • Experience: Dapper Labs/Flow, Polkadot/Web3 Foundation, Centrifuge

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Dr. Stefan Beyer

Managing Partner

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science

  • Has worked in Distributed Systems since 2004 (pre-Bitcoin!)

  • Blockchain security audits since 2018

  • More than 50 projects audited

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